On our island, road transportation started a few years before World War II. Initially, the movement was undertaken by private individuals and most of the time they were permanent residents of the villages they served. The vehicles were converted vans that looked like buses.

During the Second World War the aforementioned buses were confiscated to serve the needs of the respective countries.

When the war ended, the first regular buses came to Chios and continued to be privately owned.

At the end of 1950, public road transportation began to be created.

Road Transport in Chios:

Our island is divided into road transportation. In the Urban KTEL and the Interurban KTEL. They are two separate private companies with different goals and fleets.

The first, the City Bus, is responsible for the movement of passengers within the city limits, i.e. it runs from Vrontados, Karyes, Dafnonas, Vaviloi, Neochori and Megas Limnionas.

The second, the Intercity Bus, is responsible for transporting passengers to the villages of Chios, i.e. to the most remote areas of the island. The itineraries cover the whole island.

  • Starting from the North-West of the island, we head to the whole range of Amani, there you will meet small villages with few inhabitants and countless natural beauty.
  • We continue towards the Northeast and the traveler will get to know the village of sailors and shipowners, called Kardamyla, and along the way he will see Lagada, a seaside village famous for its fish taverns, the combination of the sea, the rocks and the greenery impresses the locals and the tourists of the island.
  • Then we head towards central Chios, meet villages such as Anavatos and Avgonima with very few inhabitants. These villages impress everyone with their unique beauty.
  • At the end we have to mention the mastic villages of Chios and their diamond “mastic”. Villages such as Lithi, Vessa, Kalamoti, Armolia, Pyrgi, Olympoi, Mesta are just a few of the mastic villages that a tourist worths to know. Each one hides its own story and unique beauty.

Company profile:

The primary goal of the company is to keep the villages of the island “alive”, so we choose our itineraries to address the permanent residents who want to move economically and safely in the city of Chios.
Our desire is customer satisfaction, we are always close to customers to listen to their concerns and suggestions.

Fleet and personnel:

The Intercity Bus of Chios consists of ten buses, of various seats and brands.
The staff of the business is always next to the customers, willing to direct them, help them with their luggage and belongings.

Publisher / Starting point:

We are located in the port of Chios, in a central location that is easy for everyone to reach! Whether they are travelers on the ship, or have used the Urban KTEL initially – or are permanent residents who wish to come to the market of Chios and then return to the villages, the starting point of the KTEL serves them.
Our ticket office is located in the Passenger Waiting Room, from there you can get your ticket, our timetable in printed form, as well as useful information to help you navigate the island.